ExploreMongolia is produced by me, Janis Michael, a fourth-grade teacher in Illinois. I am a passionate advocate of providing our students with global education that does not focus on “strange things” and “weird facts.”

My hope is that teachers will be able to use this site with late elementary students to give them an opportunity to explore a relatively unknown part of the world with materials that stress our commonalities.

The puzzle pages allow students to input comments. They will not appear right away since they require approval.

I was fortunate to spend a month in Mongolia over the summer of 2019 with the American Center for Mongolia Studies field school on energy. This web site emerged from my work during that time.

Thank you to the Luce Foundation, Illinois Computing Educators (now Illinois Digital Educators Alliance: IDEA), and the Avoca District 37 tuition reimbursement program for making my time in Mongolia possible. All mistakes on this site are my own and not attributable to any of these generous institutions.

Contact me here please with ideas, corrections, and additions. I am also always eager for collaboration. Let me know if our classes can get together (virtually) to talk about the world!