Problems with Bathrooms

While every culture has different habits and expectations for their bathrooms, we all need a healthy and clean way to get rid of our waste (that’s pee and poop). While outhouses can work in the countryside, in the city they become a problem.

by Eric D. de Roulet. Reproduction for noncommercial purposes with credit.

In the ger district in Ulaanbaatar, where gers and houses are built close together and are often not connected to the city sewage system, traditional pit toilets can cause disease. Throughout the world, if you are living in a city or town and do not have a good way of getting rid of human waste, people will get sick.

The government of Mongolia and many organizations have been working for a long time to improve waste disposal in Ulaanbaatar’s ger district. No matter what your culture is, you are always going to want to keep yourself and your family healthy!

One organization that works on this is the World Bank. Their list of things they think about when helping to build better bathrooms shows how important it is to think about culture and money and geography and technology all at once.

World Bank Manual on Low Cost Sanitation Technologies
For Ger Areas, Mongolia, January 2006

To translate into plain English, you need to think about: