Lesson Plans about Mongolia

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Mongolia’s Nomads: Cultural Sustainability

The Global Oneness Project has a great lesson plan and photo gallery to teach about nomads in Mongolia.

National Geographic Resource Library

The Ring of Darhad Mongolia Wolverine Expedition

National Geographic presents a series of seven lessons created by the University of Montana that highlight an expedition that explores the wolverine population in Northern Mongolia. These are an exploration of the local culture as well as wildlife, and introduce approaches used in field science while leading the class into their own local discoveries.

What’s Mongolia Really Like?

Many lesson and unit plans on aspects of Mongolian life.

A peace corps volunteer created this lesson plan, which is short on specifics but has some wonderful ideas for teaching global understanding by having students consider their own lives and by having them examine “mystery” objects and pictures. It refers to, but does not link to, this essay by volunteer Jonathan Phillips.

Bathrooms and Sanitation

This brief lesson plan is a supplement to the bathroom section on this site and also references a National Geographic article written for “World Toilet Day.”

Find Videos, Books, Websites, and Music