Lighting Up My Home: How it Works in a Ger

Here you see one of the main sources of electricity for herder families in the countryside. Because it is almost always sunny in much of Mongolia, solar panels can give a family a steady supply of energy for their needs. Solar panels convert (change) the sun’s light energy into electrical energy. Families provide their own electricity and can carry their solar panels with them when they move their households each season.

You’ll notice that this ger also has a satellite dish. You can power a television with your solar panel, but to actually see anything on it you had better have a satellite dish!

If you look at this picture of a herder in his home, he is sitting next to a large automobile battery that can store some power for his household. The sun, of course, is only shining on his ger during the day, and only when the clouds don’t cover it. By using the sun’s light to charge large batteries, his family stores electricity to use during the night and on cloudy days.

Congratulations! You have learned all about how to get electricity to your ger! Now use the top menu to learn more about Mongolia.